Every Brand Is Genuinely Unique

We Amplify Your Edge – Telling Your Story

Uniqueness Is Your Advantage

Today the average site visitor makes decisions about your site, products and brand in 15 seconds or less. In the era of scrolling and scanning – time is critical where a number of things need to happen:

First, Introduce Your Brand – Keep text easy to read and engaging

Second, Invite Action – Use calls to action such as sign ups or learn more

Thirdly, Highlight Benefits – Be bullish about what you do. Chest pounding is encouraged

The Edge

Discovering what sets you apart from others is your “edge”. Your edge is what makes you unique. It is your competitive advantage. Your edge is the foundation of your brand.

We can’t overstate the importance of your edge. It is most likely the reason you’re in business. So we mean business when it comes to your edge.

Next we move to distilling your edge to 8 words or less. This 8 word positioning statement is not a headline, not a slogan – but rather a compass point of building your brand.

Our Approach Is High Energy And Rigorous

Let the fun begin. Here our marketing acumen mashes-up into creative development. There are plenty of moving parts. Exactly what we want. This apex is our favorite phase of the entire process.

The transformation of concept to reality is what it’s all about. We go after this phase with a definite purpose. Not dissimilar from climbing a 14er…with a clear goal in mind. The summit! Mission accomplished.