Riding For The Brand

A Brand’s Meaning Runs Deep

When you think of a brand…what do you visualize? A logo? An icon? Color? Actually those are pretty good answers.

Based in Colorado, R2 Branding looks at a brand through the eyes of a cowboy. In fact the R2 Branding icon was inspired by a cattle brand.

Most literally, the brand referred to the way cattle were marked to indicate ownership, but its meaning goes deeper. 

Owen describes it this way, “The brand was a ranch’s trademark. It represents pride, duty and stewardship while inspiring loyalty, dedication and camaraderie. When you rode for the brand, it meant that you had signed on to the mission, that you had committed, that you were a dedicated team player.”

Fitting for cowboys. Fitting for you and me.


By James P. Owen

The inspiration for me to connect your brand’s value to significance of the cattle brand came from this book. It’s worthy of your read.

Getting To The Summit Together

Standing on the summit of a 14,000′ peak is exhilarating. Not surprisingly completing our brand building journey together is darn exciting too!

Together we signed on to the mission. Commitment and dedication got us to the top. The result is something of pride and stewardship for all involved.